Purpose Driven Diversity

Is your business purpose driven?

Have you ever thought about the PURPOSE of your business or organization? Taking a closer look at your purpose can set you apart from competitors, increase client and customer retention, and result in a more sustainable and financially viable organization.

The Purpose Driven Diversity is a process that assesses an organization’s current level of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) maturity and aims to develop strategic initiatives to provide businesses and organizations the opportunity to align their purpose to their practices.

It is not enough to embrace diversity, rather demonstrate through actions and if required, change.

Profits are in no way inconsistent with purpose – in fact, profits and purpose are inextricably linked. Profits are essential if a company is to effectively serve all of its stakeholders over time - not only shareholders, but also employees, customers, and communities.

- Larry Fink, Founder, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, Inc.

Our Approach

What is unique about our approach?

We believe in a multi directional approach to changing the conversation about diversity. To fulfill the mission and purpose of AMP, revenue generated through our services is re-invested into our training and mentoring programs, providing low-cost or no-cost programs and services to our participants.

Our approach includes three phases:

  • Assess

    The assessment looks at the policies, practices, and perceptions of the organization. We will look at subjective and objective measures to complete the assessment.

  • Strategize

    Following the assessment, we will develop a strategy that will include recommendations and a plan of action that include short range and long-range changes that will support your organizations direction and areas of focus.

  • Learn

    Our learning programs are customized, based on assessment result, and are based on a top-down approach where leaders drive the culture of diversity and inclusion. Programs may include learning, coaching, mentoring, and reverse mentoring as a part of their design.

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