Frequently Asked Questions

What is the final deadline to submit?

Submission of photograph and written tribute is 5 p.m., June 30, 2021. The digital files will need to be evaluated. Please submit prior to the deadline if possible.

What are acceptable picture formats for Tribute?

TRIBUTE: Picture must be in JPG, PNG, PDF format

How many words per size tribute?

500 words for a two-page spread
250 words for a full-page tribute
125 words for a half-page tribute

These word counts are strictly enforced to preserve the integrity of the book design. The word count includes all words, no matter how small (a, an, of, the, for). The count applies to the tribute text only, not the honoree’s or donors’ names.

What kind of pictures are acceptable?

The pictures can be color or black and white. If your honoree needs a picture taken, we can help.

When is payment due and what form of payment is accepted?

Payment is due at the time of submission using Amex, Visa or MasterCard. Please make checks payable to Achieving My Purpose. If your employer matches your gift, take advantage of that!

$250 – Half Page
$500 – Full Page
$1000 – Two Full Pages

When is the Celebration of Woman book being celebrated?

The Celebration of Women book will be unveiled at a celebration reception at a date to be determined. During this event, we will pay tribute to the honorees as well as present other special awards.

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