Empowering young women
to embrace their purpose

Announcing the AMP Leadership Academy 2022-2023! 

A woman looking out to the city with the sun rising.The Achieving My Purpose (AMP) Leadership Academy is a 8-month cohort program designed for
women of color who aspire to work toward achieving their life purpose and increasing their effectiveness
in leadership. Engagement will include interactive/experiential learning and self-reflection.

For more information click HERE for a Justification Kit to share with your employer.

To apply click HERE to apply by September 30th!

October 20th is POW HER Hour!  Join us from 11:30-12:30 PST! 

Achieving  Your Purpose: Side Hustles

Occupational wellness allows you to explore various career options and encourages you to pursue the opportunities you enjoy the most.  A Side Hustle is one way to achieve your occupational wellness – interested to find out what it really take to start and maintain a side hustle?  Register to find out!   REGISTER TODAY! (Link)

Achieving My Purpose

Achieving My Purpose provides programming, resources, and experiences that empower women ages 18-30 to embrace and achieve their purpose.

Why AMP?

Young women with low self-esteem are generally underemployed, economically unstable, and prone to domestic violence

Women of color are under-represented in leadership roles

Women of color experience a wider range of microaggressions

Women of color tend to receive less support from their managers


Of AMP participants in Intimate Sharing Circles achieve leadership roles


Women have participated in AMP Programs



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